Communicate accurately
and quickly

Push Messaging For Time Sensitive Data:

  • Pricing Offer Open
  • Confirm Triggered Price Bids
  • Pre-Supply Sample Results
  • Loads Planned
  • Supply Sample Weights And Quality Results

Accurate Data To:

  • Farmers / Suppliers
  • Farm Traders
  • Transport Planners
  • Weighbridge Operators
  • Hauliers
  • Admin
  • Management

Manage contracts &
pricing digitally

  • Easily Set Up And Manage Supply Contracts
  • Manage Grower and Agent Contracts
  • Supplier Login Available 24X7x365
  • Manage Contract Quality Specifications
  • Manage Price Offers And Bids On A Secure Digital Application
  • Set Offer Quantity Limits
  • Set Offer Open And Close Times
  • Suppliers Set ‘Bids’ For Automatic Triggering When Your Offer Matches Bids

Manage logistics with
‘one stop shop’

  • Real Time Data
  • Track Crops Harvested and Ready to Ship
  • Assign Loads to Hauliers
  • Instant Communications to Hauliers and Suppliers
  • Handle Crop Sample Analysis & Approval Pre-Supply
  • Optimise Intake Location Workload
  • Manage Own and Third Party Intakes
  • Manage Vast Crop Volumes
  • Instant Load Data to Suppliers

insights 24/7

Save Time Collating Data. Real Time Reports With Insights On:

  • Contracting Progress
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Crop Ratings
  • Yield Estimates
  • Harvest Quantity Tracker
  • Sample Quality Analysis
  • On Farm Inventories
  • Load Plans From Draft To Scheduled
  • Loads Received Analysis
  • Automated Price Requests
  • Supplier Engagement Insights