PwC recent research showed that two thirds of businesses are looking to make operating efficiencies within the next 12 months. However only 30% achieve their targeted reduction and less than 20% will achieve sustainable change. 

How can your organisation beat the odds?

Crop SRM enables significant business process change. It takes all the manual processes – the emails, the spreadsheets that need to be manually updated for example and offers a digital solution that is bespoke designed for crop trading. Crop SRM is the brain child of FarmFlo, a business with farming literally in its DNA and operated by people who uniquely understand the complexities and pressures of trading crop.

An example of where we have made a difference is in a busy crop trading business contracting over 200,000 tonnes crop per year. They discovered and implemented Crop SRM and we calculated they saved over 2,000 hours of labour – while speeding up and increasing accuracy across all the processes associated with thousands of crop contracts.  

How we did it!

We transformed their operations by:

  • Transforming time stealing tasks in to efficient processes that everyone loves
  • Replacing manual excel, email, phone calls, printouts and hand-written records with live platform updates, alerts, geo mapping and insights to track critical data and processes
  • Digitise their supply chain relationships
  • Provided a suite of reports and insights that are digitally available in real-time

We made it easier for them to:

  • Deliver key results with significantly less organisational stress 
  • Reduce errors and duplication
  • Made sure information was available securely to the right people at the right time 
  • Have the confidence that all their decisions were being made based on accurate, up to date and trusted information

Overall the business was significantly more efficient and importantly in a sustainable way. The business teams are now busy with making effective decisions rather than busy chasing data. The management  and operations teams are freed up from transactional and communications tasks to focus on higher value adding work. The communication of information is more effective between departments which ensure accurate and timely information for teams like sales, so they are more effective managing customers.  The halo effect being – it’s less stressful for everyone so improving staff moral and team satisfaction, underpinning commercial results.  

If you’d like to find out more about how Crop SRM can help you, contact us.