Business have traditionally two choices when looking to increase profitability; raise prices or control costs. Raising prices brings its own headaches and does directly impact on your customers. Controlling costs is something business need to look to do – operational efficiency is a key tool to achieving sustainable cost control. However with digitisation the business strategy of leveraging existing resources more effectively is being rapidly taken up  

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Crop SRM is the new digital crop trading platform that can directly impact your bottom line by helping crop trading business to make better informed decisions. This example of a client buying over 400,000 tonnes crop per year improved their profit by £2 million in one challenging year.

In one crop year, using Crop SRM to manage contracting and strategic pricing, this organisation beat peers in the market by over £5/tonne, delivering almost £2.0m to bottom line.

In another crop year, Crop SRM quality reports gave very early alert of regional quality and yield issues that drove urgent buying of c.20,000 tonnes from suppliers with surplus in adjacent regions.

Crop SRM ensured:

  • Achievement by farm trader teams, of their targeted crop contracted quantities for up to three years in advance, securing farmers commitment in a competitive marketplace.
  • Achievement of objectives of early forward pricing portions of all contracted quantities
  • Early visibility of quality issue that reduced supply levels in one region but was offset by early spot buying in other regions. Crop SRM report easily identified surplus volumes and crop of required quality

Crop SRM will :

  • Support strategic crop supply contracting, pricing, quality control and logistics 
  • Swop old and outdated process for efficient processes that everyone loves
  • Replace manual excel, email, phone calls, printouts and hand-written records with live updates, alerts, geo mapping and insights to track critical processes
  • Digitise critical supply chain relationships
  • Provide all insights and reports online in real-time

At CROP SRM, we live to improve your working processes. We know farming because it’s in our family and we know how to help traders get the best value for money. 

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